Top Cooperative Board Games in 2018

Cooperative Board Games is a type of games specifically designed for a teamplay. This is a case, where you can gather with your friends or family and try to win over the game. A great way to test your team, strategy and logic abilities.

We’ve surfed through the massive amount of cool Cooperative Board Games to find the most interesting and unusual. You can check out our list of Top Cooperative Board Games or read the Buyer’s Guide for more tips on how to find the best game for your tastes.

5 Best Cooperative Board Games

NameNumber of PlayersAverage Game TimeRatingPrice
Pandemic 2-4 60 min 4.5⭐ $$ Check Price
Mysterium 2-7 40 min 4.5⭐ $$ Check Price
My Very First Games: Little Garden 1-3 20 min 5 ⭐ $ Check Price
Arkham Horror 1-8 2-4 hours 5 ⭐ $$ Check Price
Escape: The Curse of the Temple 2-5 10 minutes 4.5⭐ $$ Check Price

Pandemic – Best For Adult Game Night!

Co-op board games can have various themes or concepts, here we have a pandemic-related game with challenging tasks and a teamwork play.

Photo of Pandemic You can check the prices and more reviews here.

Pandemic is a bestselling cooperative game, where you and your friends take on the role of different specialists who fight deadly diseases.

The game is designed for small companies of 2-4 people and one game can take approximately 60 minutes.

Your task is simple: save the world from terrible sickness. What can be easier? Especially, when you have a crew of friends, that are willing to help you.

You start the game with picking a characters out of 7 possible options and those will be your roles to the end of the game. Game field represents our planet that is being slowly captured by terrible diseases. You and your friends must balance out the situation on the world map by finding cure for different viruses and fighting them back.

Each character in the game is unique and make a contribution in the gaming process due to his personal abilities.

By drawing cards, using special abilities and discussing tactics with your teammates, together you can definitely fight the plague.

The best thing about the Pandemic is that every time you get a new disease map, new game tasks and situations. It almost never repeats as the game randomly creates new game scenarios.

The playtime is not too long, so you won’t be tired of it during the game. But still quite fascinating.

For such a great strategic game, it could have better illustrations and design.

This is an awesome co-op game with neverending story.


  • New plot every time
  • Strategic
  • Well-balanced
  • Absorbing


  • Unimpressive design

Mysterium – Best For Detective Fans!

Mysterious and a bit spooky, this is one of those crime solving-themed cooperative games, where you gather to solve the case and uncover hidden secrets. Add ghosts, mediums and old haunted mansion in the mix and you get a cool start for a thrilling game.

Mysterium is a crime solving game, where you get clues during the whole gaming process and must find the answer before your time runs out.

All players act as a team. It’s all win or everybody loose in this game.

In Mysterium roles are divided into one ghost and several mediums. Ghost is a spirit of a murdered person, who tries to help in solving the crime. Mediums carefully collect clues, given by the ghost and make assumptions on the suspects, murder weapon and other intriguing aspects of the case.

Each medium works on himself, getting through the perplexed crime case to get the clues. In the end of the game all mediums must have enough clues and evidence to uncover the truth together as a team or a ghost will remain seeking for vengeance forever.

With immersing plot and mysterious gameplay, this board game is called to be a must have for all fans of detective and mystery genre.

Instructions that come with the game by default might be a bit misleading, so you might need a help of Internet to understand completely how to play the game.

Find more details on the game here.


  • Beautiful aesthetics
  • Exciting plot
  • Unusual gameplay
  • Fixed playing time


  • Requires a lot of time for setup

My Very First Games: Little Garden – Best For Toddlers!

Not only adults like to play cooperative games. Children are fond of a good Toddler board game which they can play together as well. Such games can teach them how to work together for a single purpose and how fun it is to succeed together.

Photo of HABA My Very First Games Little Garden

The game is designed specifically for Toddlers to play together. Of course, at first they might need a help of an Adult, but with time kids will learn how to play the Little Garden by themselves.

Little Garden has more to it than just a fun gameplay. It can help in development of fine motor skills, talking skills and color recognition. Moreover, it will teach children the basics of a gardening process and love for nature.

Little players must play together to help a Gardener plant flowers, veggies and berries. During all game, a mole tries to burrow her molehill right in the garden. Will kids succeed in helping the gardner and protect the garden?

The game has several levels for different ages and experience levels, so your child can learn how to play and increase the hardness level to improve his skills with time.

You get a beautifully designed game board with a small garden ready for plants. Also, the game box contains patch cards for each plant, colored die and pretty wooden figures of Molly Mole, Gardner and garden supplies.

It is a very friendly and cute game to play with your children. If you are interested in this board game, feel free to visit the Amazon page for more details.

Keep an eye on small parts of the game and pack it carefully after the end of the game as they tend to get lost.


  • Educating in many fields
  • Pretty colorful design
  • Natural materials
  • Several levels of hardness


  • Cardboard parts can bend if treated to rough

Arkham Horror – Best For Adventure Fans!

This one is for true Adventure Board Game lovers. Based on famous horror stories by Lovecraft, this game will take you on a very long and dangerous adventure.

Photo of Fantasy Flight Games Arkham Horror

Arkham Horror is a game with a well thought through world and story. All players fight against the game and its’ monsters for the world safety.

After setting up the game field and all game parts, like special cards, portals etc, you can start the game. Each player select a character with unique personal abilities that can help during the game. You find yourself in a mysterious town of Arkham which suffers from horrible creatures, who try to invade our world from other worlds through portals. A team of brave investigators fight together against the terrifying creatures and their horrible God.

The game set is very big, like very big. You get 189 cards with possible activity options with 3 option on each card, depending on the game location! 8 different main monsters in the game and countless options on how things can go in the game.

Throw the dice, use special cards and abilities to win over the monsters. Try to build a strategy through the game to cooperate with your team. Here you all win or all lose.

The game is hard and it will take some time to get all the rules right. But we think, it’s worth the try.

Also, please notice, that the average game time is approximately 3-4 hours, so it might not be the best choice for a party. But if you like challenges and adventures and you have few friends that are ready to spend several hours at fun and exciting play, this can be an unforgettable experience.

Click here for more details on the game.


  • Versatile: new plot every time
  • Neverending adventures
  • Immersing gameplay
  • Lots of addons


  • Long setup
  • Complex rules

Escape: The Curse of the Temple – Best To Test Your Luck!

Unlike the previous game, this one has a very fast gameplay. You need to get out of the cursed Temple just in 10 minutes or you will lose!

Based on the famous Indiana Jones franchise, this is an Escape game, where you get limited time to solve all the riddles and get out of a scary place. Fast and challenging, this can be a fun game for adults and kids.

The game can be played by 2-5 players with the same task: get out of the Temple. You get 10 minutes and lots of dices, actions, treasures and possibilities of bad or good fortune to happen. All players throw dices at the same time, as fast as they can and moving their Indiana Jones-shaped pawns towards the exit of a labyrinth. The difficulty lies in that players can’t simply sneak out from the Temple, they must explore the dungeon and activate the hidden Gems to open the way. Add here a limited time and growing adrenaline, and you get a fun and challenging cooperative game. Sooner or later you will work out the tactics, split the tasks among all the team members and successfully get out of the Temple.

To measure the time and create thrilling atmosphere, the game comes with the CD that has a 10 minutes track. This track not only help with ambience the time, but increases the tension and punctuates the key moments of the play. If, for any reason, you don’t have an opportunity to play the CD, you can use the Sand Timer added to the ame set.

Once you work out the right strategy for win, the game can become to easy to play again and again.

You can find more useful information on prices and game process here.


  • Fast gameplay
  • Simple rules
  • Fun interactive details
  • Strategy game


  • Result depends on luck more than on players skills

Buyer’s Guide: How To Pick The Perfect Cooperative Board Game?

Board Games are often competitive and require a lot of skills to win from other players. But what if you and your friends can combine your abilities and strategic skills against one enemy? Play together to solve the mysterious case or fight an unknown danger – what can be more thrilling? Cooperative Board Games give you opportunity to test out you and your family/friends as a team.

Market now is full of great Cooperative Board Games, but we don’t want just a great game, we want the best!

So, how to find the best game and what to pay attention to while picking?

Age of the Players

As any other type of games, Cooperative games are made for different audience. You can find cool educational board games for your children to play together. This will teach them to work and win as a team. Or you can choose the game with 16+ restriction, if you need something for the Adult game night.

Average play time

The more twisted plot or complex rules the game has, the more time you will spend playing it. Especially for the first time, when you are only learning the rules and trying to work all together.

If you get tired of sitting in one spot for a long time or don’t want to bother with comlex rules, you should better pick games with short game rounds. Such games give opportunity to change players at the table or just give a break between games.

Board Games can have average playing time that goes over several hours! These games are made for true game lovers who immerse into the game completely and will fight for the victory until the end.


Here again you must think ahead on whether you are ready to spend some additional time on getting all the instruction clear.

If it comes to children or small occasions with limited time, the better option might be a simple Escape games or games with easy cooperative gameplay.

But if you have a whole evening ahead and you are willing to play, moreover, if you like challenges, try to find the game with versatile and twisted scenario.


Cooperative Board Games is a very unique type of game. Non-competitive, it still can give you chills and tons of adrenaline. Add here fun of playing together against the game and spirit of unity and you get an extremely entertaining game time.

We’ve selected the best options on the market for you to try out, but if you want more, these days you can get a good cooperative board game easily. Follow our tips on how to find the best game and you can have an amazing game night with your family or friends!