Best Combat Board Games Review

With Board Games you can play as a team, try to score the most amount of points or just fight one another. Battle or Combat Board Games put you and your friends on a war field where you fight each other till the last one standing.

This type of a board games includes war strategy games, area control games and funny battle games where you simply fight with everything you’ve got.

Please, check out our list of the best Combat Board Games, so you could find another great game for upcoming game night!

Top 5 Combat Board Games

NameNumber of PlayersAgeRatingPrice
7 Wonders: Duel 2 10+ 5 ✩ $$ Check Price
Axis and Allies 1941 2-5 12+ 4 ✩ $ Check Price
Mage Wars Game 2-6 13+ 4 ✩ $$ Check Price
King Of Tokyo 2-6 8+ 4.5✩ $$ Check Price
A Game of Thrones: The Board Game 3-6 14+ 4.5✩ $$ Check Price

7 Wonders: Duel – Best For 2 Players!

Photo of Asmodee 7 Wonders: Duel If you are in a search for a War Board Game that you can play together with your best friend, the 7 Wonders: Duel by Asmodee might be it.

This game is designed specifically for two players, who must built their own strategy and meat each other in one-on-one battles.

Many board game players have heard or played the original 7 Wonders strategy game. This one has similar tactics and design but is made for only two players and has its own gameplay specifics.

7 Wonders: Duel doesn’t have a big game field or tons of pawns or dices. This is a mostly card game with several additional accessories. But you still will need a flat surface to place all your cards on as they must all be arranged in specific order.

You will have not one, but three ways to win! During all game you have to develop your own civilization and choose the course for it to proceed depending on cards you will get and strategy you build.

Which way will you choose? Science? Way of war? Or, maybe, a prestige win by the game points dominance? Choice is yours!

At the game start you gain 4 wonder cards and can receive more during the game process. You will need resources for building the wonders and capturing more areas to dominate in the game. Level of your dominance is displayed on the dominance track that shows, who is on the lead at the moment in the game.

Average game time is approximately 30 minutes, so you won’t get bored or tired and can try to win over few times in a row.

We must say, that for a game with a pretty short play time, this one requires a long setup process. Even though the game doesn’t have game field, you will spend a long time to sort the cards and arrange them in the right way.

Great choice for a game night with your friend or a child.

You can find prices and more reviews here.


  • Fast and fun gameplay
  • Several ways to win
  • Pretty design
  • Requires strategic thinking
  • Well-balanced


  • Long setup
  • Thin cards

Axis and Allies 1941 – Best For Strategy Fans!

If you are more into the slow games that require serious-minded method, you can focus on the war strategy board games. These usually need a lot of concentration and knowledge of tactics.

Axis and Allies 1941 by Avalon Hill is a beautiful war strategy game inspired by the WWII theme. You can play one on one or gather a party up to 5 people to fight each other in sweaty battles over the world map.

Starting this game get ready for a long run, as the average game time here is about 2 hours. During that time you must gather your troops, build a strategy and push forward to the attack.

Based on the historical platform, the game shows the clash of five mighty super countries: Japan, Soviet Union, United Kingdom, Germany and the United States. Each one fighting for supremacy. And you are here to rewrite the history in your own way by playing on either side.

Conquer the territories, win in battles on the sea and land and move through the world map for victory!

The game is well-balanced, so each side can put an equal amount of effort to win the game.

One of the main benefits of the game is a quick and easy setup. Even though you will spend a long time playing the game, the setup process will take only 5-7 minutes.

Despite the pretty serious game theme you can play this game with your kid if he is at least 12 years old. Nice design and strategic gameplay has great aesthetics.

Though the game is labeled as a war tactic game, result can depend deeply on the luck as you need to roll the dice a lot during the game.

If you are interested in purchasing this game, you can find it easily on Amazon.


  • Well-balanced
  • Great value
  • Quick setup
  • Cool historical references


  • Instructions can be unclear

Mage Wars Game – Best Combination Of Strategy And Battles!

Photo of Arcane Wonders Mage Wars Game One of the best war board games on the market might be the Mage Wars by Arcane Wonders. It combines interesting game mechanics with beautiful design and role playing.

Mage Wars is a Combat Board Game that mix together cards and miniatures styles of gaming. The game is designed for 2-6 players to battle each other face-to-face in fascinating magic duels.

At first it seems like a lot is happening on the game table. There is a large game field, lots of cards, chips and even big spell books that will make you feel like a true wizard. But the rules are pretty easy to remember and soon you will build your own strategy according to game tactics. Actually, the design and cool themed accessories make a good half of the games’ popularity. Just imagine, how awesome would it be to scroll the pages of the spell book to find the right spell and attack your opponent!

You and your friends start the game in different corners of the game field with a set of spells in your hand. Each of the players get to play his own unique character with special powers, spells and abilities.

The game plot has different roles to choose from. You could start your journey as a Beastmaster and attack your enemies with horde of animals, or you can be Priestess to possess powerful healing and protective spells. Wizard or Warlock, the choice is yours! Each here Mage has its own collection of spells and amount of spell points you could use to cast them during each game round.

The gameplay is slow and hasteless as you need to count your spell points and think ahead on your move. So be ready for a long game rounds.

Mysterious and magical, this game will put you on the Arena with mighty Mages – fight to be the best!

For more reviews and pricing details, click here.


  • Cool themed accessories
  • Various possible roles
  • Interesting battle mechanics
  • Pretty design


  • Gameplay is not very active

King Of Tokyo – Best For Family Game Night!

Some Battle board games doesn’t require long game rounds or careful strategic thinking. You just grab as much weapon you can and crash your friends in battles!

King of Tokyo by IELLO is a fun battle game for a group of 2-6 people. It is based on famous Godzilla universe and pictures the city of Tokyo attacked by scary monsters.

The game has fun and very colorful design. Small game field pictures city of Tokyo in a cartoonish illustration. You get to play as monsters and try your best to battle other invaders and banish them out of the city. All creatures are different but have similar stats at the start of the game. You will get a cool figure of your monster so you could move him into the city or out of it.

Basically, the whole gameplay consists from throwing dices. But not common dices. The game has its own designed dices which give you various options on what you can do during your move: attack enemies? Heal yourself? Or, maybe, gain some extra game cash to buy bonus power cards with game buffs?

Game rules are pretty simple, but you might need a practice round for every players to understand the game mechanics.

As a monster you will have a certain amount of life points and level points. Gain as many level points as you can and heal yourself to be the last one standing in the Tokyo!

The game has basic and extended instructions depending on the number of players.

You can find additional information here.


  • Fast gameplay
  • Vivid design
  • Simple rules
  • Fun to play multiple times


  • Might be too simple for experienced gamers

A Game of Thrones: The Board Game – Best For Fantasy Fans!

Photo of Fantasy Flight Games A Game of Thrones A big percentage of the Combat board games make up Fantasy board games, as they add mysterious atmosphere and cool game effects. These are especially exciting when they are designed based on world-wide famous movies, books or comics etc. Adds additional thrill to play with beloved characters and surroundings.

This game is based on a very well-known book series written by George R. R. Martin. Here you will meet houses of Stark, Tirrel, Lannisters and others while fighting for dominance over Westeros.

A Game of Thrones has great balance and each House has equal chances to win in the game. You may choose the House you start with randomly or depending on your personal preferences. The game has basic and extended version of rules, depending on the amount of players. If you play in a small circle of friends, some Houses will be unavailable to choose and their territories will play as the Wild territories.

Each House has its own land to start on and a deck of cards – characters who belong to this House. You are about to meet Eddard Stark and Cersei Lannister and watch them fighting for the Westeros, guided by your hand.

During the game players will try to capture as many lands and castles they can. But beware, there is a danger coming from North that can perish the Westeros – White Walkers. You will have to fight them back during the game also.

The game has unique mechanics and lots of secret moves and tactics to keep in mind. It will definitely suit tastes of gamers who are fond of long strategic games with good balance of powers.

You will need a big table or flat surface to play this game as it has a really big map and a lot of stuff to store.

You can visit the Amazon page, if the game captured your interest.


  • Beautiful design, detailed map of Westeros
  • Well-balanced
  • Quality materials
  • Thrilling adventure game


  • Complexed rules
  • Can turn friends into enemies

Buyer’s Guide: Which Combat Board Games Are The Best?

Competitive and challenging, Combat Board Games will test your strategy and logic skills as well as the power of your friendship, as you are going to battle your friends until the end.

So, what guarantees the fun of the time spent with the Combat Board Game?


When you play Battle Game, you need it to have a good power balance, so that each partie can have equal chance to win the game. This appears in equal stats of all heroes at the start of the game or in different but equalized powers of the players.

Unique game mechanics

Of course, you can just gather the troops and shout: “Attack!”. But the games with unique gaming mechanics and tactics will bring much more joy and entertainment. You might spend some additional time trying to understand the rules, but in most of the cases, it is worth it. Such games commonly have its own, specifically designed dices, maps or cards to make the game more thrilling.

Cool design

As you will spend some decent amount of time gazing at the game field, it is always a plus, when the game is beautifully designed. Some manufacturers go over the top with colorful design or stylish accessories to make gaming process immersive and fun.

Average game time

This one depends solely on your personal likings. Do you like slow strategic games or do you want to make it fast and furious? Discuss this matter with your friends and pick the best game for your game nights.

Combat Board Games is the most exciting kind of board games. Fighting each other for the win and dominance increases the adrenaline level and can make you reckless and merciless. But in the end, it is only a game and result is always the same – lots of fun with your friends.

We hope, our Buyer’s Guide and games reviews will help you to find the perfect Combat Game!