Top Board Games For Children

Any child will appreciate a good solid Board Game. It is a fun way to spend time with friends or family and a lot of challenging tasks. But don’t forget, that the Board Games can not only bring joy through playing, it can also help to educate your kid and help him in developing different useful skills.

We’ve searched all over and have found the best options on the Board Games for children. Check them out and read or Buyer’s Guide for more helpful tips!

6 Best Board Games For Children of 2018

NameAgeAmount of PlayersRatingPrice
Googly Eyes Game 7+ 4-16 4.5☆ $$ Check Price
Let's Go Fishin' 3+ 1-4 4 ☆ $ Check Price
Yeti in My Spaghetti 4+ 2+ 4.5☆ $ Check Price
The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game 3+ 2-4 4.5☆ $$ Check Price
HedBanz Game 7+ 2-6 4.5☆ $$ Check Price
Operation Skill Board Game 6+ Not specified 4.5☆ $$ Check Price

Googly Eyes Game – Best To Play With Family!

Photo of Googly Eyes Game These days we get new board games almost every day. Tons of great offers and options to choose from on the market. When we think of the Board Games for Children, the nice solution might be the game for the whole family – a perfect way to spend time together with joy.

Goliath Games company came up with the fun idea to combine board game with drawing and hilarious goggles, that will make your vision wacky.

Googly Eyes is a game, that tests your sight and your imagination. The more people are involved, the better and funnier the process will be. It is a great game for the family evenings.

Inside of the box you can find the game field, 4 pawns, 1 pair of wacky glasses with 3 different lenses – each pair resembles a level of game difficulty, a fun timer, die and 54 game cards with special tasks.

It is a team game and it is for you to decide on how many players to be in one team. The team with the youngest player starts first.

Roll the dice, and the destiny will determine, which task and what pair of lenses you will use. Depending on the color of the lenses, you will get more or less time to complete the task. What must you do? Oh, it’s simple – you must draw the thing, you will get on the game card, without showing the task to your teammates. Until the time runs out, his teammates must guess the word, considering the drawing. Add here adrenaline rush and the magic wacky lenses and you get a crazy challenging, but extremely fun game to play.

Some challenges might be too difficult for smaller children, as the game requires basic knowledge on geography, famous movies/people and many other things.

An improved version of the old-school drawing game can be an ideal option for kids birthday parties or family time together.


  • Great for children and adults
  • Involves drawing and imagination
  • Teamwork game
  • Has funny goggles


  • Glasses and lenses are fragile

Let’s Go Fishin’ – Best For Toddlers!

Of course, everyone loves board games, even the smallest ones. Little kids may not be so good at card or word games, but there are plenty cool Toddler board games, easy and fun to play.

Let’s Go Fishin’ is a classic kids board game, that develops fine motor skills and dexterity.

The game is very simple: you get a slowly spinning plastic pool with a 21 fishes in it. Spinning round and round, they open and shut their mouths. The task is to catch each and every fish with the fishing pole.

Set comes with 21 vividly colored fishes and 4 fishing poles, so your kids can play together, fishing out small toys one by one.

The whole game system helps your child to develop hand-eye coordination. And you will see, how they will get better with fishing every time.

The game contain pretty small parts, so keep an eye on it.

This is a nice option to have on hand on vacation and at hone to keep your toddler busy and entertained.

For more information, feel free to visit the Amazon page.


  • Compact
  • Develops coordination and fine motor skills
  • Cute design
  • Can be played by 4 kids simultaneously


  • Fishes are small and fragile, so they can break or get lost easily

Yeti in My Spaghetti – Best For A Company!

Photo of PlayMonster Yeti in My Spaghetti Yeti in My Spaghetti is a fun and silly board game for 5 year olds and older kids. Again, it tests and helps to develop fine motor skills, but in significantly other way and in hilarious way.

Your kid can play together with his best friend or with company, number of participants is not limited.

The game includes 30 curved plastic noodles, a bowl and a funny little Yeti.

Place the noodles into the bowl and the Yeti on top of them and you are ready to play!

Rules are simple as can be: one by one, you and your friends must remove all Spaghetti without letting the Yeti fall. Whoever drops the poor Yeti down – loose.

No batteries required and no unnecessary noises are included. Simple game, that is easy to store and get ready for play. Moreover, the setup is so easy, that your kid won’t need any additional help from you and can get into the game fully.

Please, notice, that the game comes without any container and the default box might not be suitable to store the set after it has been unpacked.

Find more fun reviews here.


  • Easy setup
  • Cool design
  • Safe materials
  • Good for coordination development


  • Needs an additional storage place/box

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game – Best For Learning!

Photo of Snacky Squirrel Game Here we have a great board game for 3 year olds, that will learn them coordination, colors and a bit about nature. Beautifully and tastefully designed, it has a lot to offer.

The game can be played as in company, and alone as well. All materials, used in the game, are completely safe.

All parts of the game are so cute! Inside of the box you will find 4 logs with the little colorful holes for acorns, 20 tiny acorns and a hilarious Squirrel Squeezer, which is basically tongs, made in a squirrel form. To complete the game set, there is a round spinner with colored sections. As for the game box, it turns into the game field! There is a pretty tree drawn on the inside part of the tree-shaped box, where the kids will have all the acorns placed during the game.

So, how to play? First of all, place all the acorns into the tree box, so they won’t get lost. Then decide, who goes first and spin the spinner to know, which colored acorn you will get. Carefully get the same colored acorn from the box with the help of the Squirrel Squeezer and place it into the right hole in the log. Whoever gets 5 different acorns first – wins!

Why do we consider this game as to be the best for learning? Well, because it puts on the job important mind processes and pushes the right buttons in the child brain.

Learning about colors, matching, using fine motor skills in a very particular way – all this will stimulate your kids brain work. Moreover, the game develops strategic thinking and practices memory skills! No wonder, that it has the best reviews and ratings on the market.

It can be a bit challenging at first for some kids to handle the Squirrel Squeezer, so don’t forget to encourage them to try again.


  • Awesome design
  • Gives a lot of work to your kids brain and hands
  • Educational and fun
  • Advised by psychologists and therapists


  • Keep eyes on the small parts, as they can be lost easily

HedBanz Game – Best For Vocab Development!

Among various table games for kids, this one stands out with the fast and extremely funny gameplay.

Photo of HedBanz Game Some of us have played the “What am I?” game, but this is an improved version with everything ready for a game. Even plastic headbands, so you won’t need to worry about the card staying in place on your forehead.

Rules are simple: all players get a card with something drawn on it (it can be any object or creature, like cake or zebra, you never know). Without picking on it, player must fix the card on his forehead, so the other players can see it clearly. The task is, by asking the right questions to other participants, to figure out, what is drawn on the card.

The HedBanz Game helps to develop vocabulary and logic skills, improves memory and creates light and joyful atmosphere in advance.
You get only 50 cards with illustrations in the set, so eventually, you will just remember all the cards.

But, you can always start creating your own task cards and continue playing.

Great for parties and evening with friends, this can be a great game for teenagers or younger children.

If you are interested in purchasing this item, you can follow the link here.


  • Tasks on the cards are written and drawn down
  • Helps to improve vocabulary and talking skills
  • Great for different ages


  • Limited tasks

Operation Skill Board Game – Best Classic Board Game For Kids!

This one became a classic long ago. Challenging and fun game, that helps to improve fine motor and coordination skills, while making you feel like maintaining a surgery operation for real.

Operation Skill Board Game combines realistic human body and organ structure with the cartoonish game style. Helps your child to know more about his body and imagine himself being a true doctor.

If you have never played Operation before, we will introduce you to the game rules briefly. The game field is an operation table, where the patient is waiting for a surgery. He has a lot of things to fix and that is your mission as a doctor. Doctor cards, that come in set, claims on what part/bone or possible sickness you must remove from the patient’s body. They are represented by small plastic figures that you must very carefully lift with the help of tweezers. Beware! If you touch, even slightly, wound edges, it will set the alarm buzzer off and make the poor patient’s nose red. You can find more information on this game here.

Included parts are very small, so be sure to hide this game from small children and to pack all items carefully after the end of the game.


  • Helps in improving different useful skills
  • Challenging yet fun
  • Can be played multiple times


  • System is pretty fragile

Buyer’s Guide: How To Pick The Best Board Game For Children?

So, now we know, that a good board game can teach and entertain kids. And whether you would like to pick for your child one of our picks or to find other options, there are few basic features that make a Board Game worth to buy.

Safe materials

This is a rule number one with any toy or subject in general, when you are buying things for children. Make sure, that the manufacturer uses safe materials and has all the right certificates.

Educational aspect

A good Board Game for Kids will have not only fun and play to offer, but will include a learning process. Depending on game rules it can be improving of vocabulary or logical skills, if it is a word game, drawing, counting skills or even singing! For smaller kids, board games can often offer development of fine motor and coordination skills, which improves the work of a child brain in general.

Fun aspect

Of course, a game will stay on the shelf, if it won’t be fun enough to entertain kids and encourage them to play more and more.

Whether it will be a classic child game or something radically new – it must catch your eye and guarantee long hours of entertainment.

Talk to your child to discover, which kinds of games he likes the most or what is he or she willing to try.


Board Games can be a perfect way to spend time with family and friends. Fun and entertaining, they can teach and educate. Learning through game – what can be better for a child?