Best Board Games For Parties of 2018

Parties are always fun. Whether you have a quiet family celebration or a huge party with friends – it will be a memorable event.

But what can make any party even more entertaining and cheer it up? A good Party Board Game of course!

We are not talking about good old classic, but too quiet games, like Monopoly or Colonization. Here we review only loud and competitive games, that will make you laugh, shout and laugh again.

Top 5 Board Games For Parties

NameAgeNumber of PeopleRatingPrice
Spontuneous 8 & Up 4-10 4.5⭐ $ Check Price
WTF Did You Say?!? A Party Game Against All Dignity and Morality 18+ Unlimited 4.5⭐ $$ Check Price
Party Alias Board Game 15+ 4+ 5 ⭐ $ Check Price
Codenames 10+ 2-8+ 5 ⭐ $ Check Price
5 Second Rule 10+ 3+ 4.5⭐ $ Check Price

Spontuneous – The Song Game – Best For Home Parties!

Photo of Spontuneous - The Song Game What can be a better solution for a successful party, than a combination of singing and playing board game?

Considered one of the best board games for adults on Amazon, Spontuneous will make any party fun and enjoyable.

The game is designed for 4-10 people to play together and is suitable for Kids, Teenagers and Adults.

Inside the box you will find a Game Board, 10 Player Pawns, 50 Spontuneous Cards, a timer, dice and a Hit-Trigger sheets.

Rules here are very simple. Each player (or a team, if you like to play in teams), write a list of Trigger words on the Note paper, provided by the game. Then the Tunesmith (a random player, who can be chosen by flipping the coin or in any other way), announces the first trigger word and turns on the 15-second timer. All other players start to compete on who will sing the song with the triggered word first, within 15 seconds limit. The song must contain at least 5 words, including the triggered one.

If you succeed, you must roll the dice and move your pawn through the game board.

To make the game even more fun and entertaining, designers created special clefs on the game field, which are called Spontuneous Clef. Once you land your pawn there, you must draw a special card with funny challenge on it!

And, of course, the first player, who gets to the finish – wins!

Simple, loud and extra fun – a cool option for any party!

As the game requires knowledge on different song lyrics, and the players can be really competitive, we consider this game more suitable for Adults.

Also, if you have a small, quiet family party, this game might be too loud. But that’s what the parties and games are for, right?


  • Can be played by up to 10 people
  • Includes singing and challenges
  • Active and fast game sessions
  • Bright design


  • Can be confusing for Kids
  • Instructions are poor

WTF Did You Say?!? A Party Game Against All Dignity and Morality – Best For Adult Game Night!

This is another version of the became-classic card game “Cards Against Humanity”. Here you can get new game options and solutions, suitable only for the Adult game night. No kids allowed!

The box contains 594 cards: 108 Red Rule cards and 486 White cards. This is a Full Game Set and the manufacturer claims, that you will get tons of fun, but, most definitely, will feel horrible for yourself, during this game.

The best thing about this one, is that with the great amount of cards, there is almost unlimited amount of players, who can play at the same time.

By the way, pricing and more reviews you can find here.

Again, rules are pretty simple. You must separate Red and White cards and give 10 White ones to each player. Then, the first Reader of the Cards turn over the Red card to read the first task. The rules suggest picking the first Reader, depending on who of the players masturbated the most recently, but we are sure, you can decide it in any way, you are comfortable with.

When the Red card with the beginning of the sentence have been announced, each player (except the Reader) must choose the White card with the most evil or humiliating ending to complete the Red card. The Reader reads all the options out loud and chooses the one, he likes the most. Player, whose card have been chosen, gets a point and this red card. Whoever collects the biggest amount of Red cards – wins.

This is an 18+ game, and it requires good sense of humor and tolerance, other you will not get fun or good times out of it.

This game is about laughing and checking out your morality standards. Just relax and have fun!


  • Unlimited amount of players
  • Requires good sense of humor and a bit perverse fancy
  • Still more tolerant than “Cards Against Humanity”


  • Some can find the tasks and answers in the game abusive

Party Alias Board Game – Best Classic Board Game!

Photo of Party Alias Board Game When you think of a good board games for adults, a classic Alias game often comes in mind. It is simple, yet fun, competitive and stimulates your brain work. You can play the classic original Alias with your kids to develop their speech and imagination. But here we have a Party Edition of Alias, that includes even more fun game options for a big company.

The game is designed for at least 4 players. But of course, the more the merrier. And each game session will approximately take 45+ minutes.

Big bright box contains a Game Board with the spinner, 400 cards, 6 playing pawns and a sand timer.

If you ever played the Original Alias, you will get the rules. Even if not, they are easy to understand and hop on.

Divide yourself into teams and choose your pawn on the Game Board. Choose randomly, which team will start the game. One player from the starting team will come forward and start picking the cards with words, only he is allowed to see. The task is to explain the word, without naming it. The more words you teammates will get right, the further you can get through the game field. Of course, there are fun fines and bonuses.

The Party Edition also has a special Party Squares. If your pawn lands on it, you will have to explain the next words in a unique way! What will it be: just sounds and gestures to explain a word, or actions and motions to explain another?

The game has a great amount of cards with the words, but if you play the game all the time, eventually, you can come bored with the same words all over again.

Nevertheless, this is a gorgeous Party Board Game, that can improve your vocabulary and quick thinking abilities all along!


  • Great for large companies
  • Interactive
  • Helps to improve your speaking and thinking abilities
  • Versatile


  • Can be very loud

Codenames – Best New Board Game!

Photo of Codenames

This is a relatively new board game, but already a favorite one among many Board Game lovers. Based on the Spy theme, Codenames will force you to use your brain and improve the teamwork!

Codenames is a team game, that will divide all players into to confronting parties. Competitive and fast, it can cheer up any party.

Average game session takes only 20-30 minutes, depending on the teamwork and vocabulary knowledge of players.

The amount of payers, who can take part in game at the same time, is usually 4-8 people, but you can increase that number voluntarily. Just be sure to check the instructions on how to play this bestseller with bigger amount of players.

Inside of the box you can find 16 agent cards in two colors: red and blue. And one double agent card, that has one red and other blue side and changes its team, depending on which team starts the game.

There are other character cards in the game: assassin and innocent bystanders.

Other parts of the game include 200 double-sided cards with codenames, 40 key cards and a timer.

Starting the game you will have a set of 25 cards with random words in front of you. Only two captains of confronting teams will know where among all of the codenames, the agents of each team are hidden. The task is to explain the codenames with just one relevant word, without naming it. Whoever finds all the team agents first – wins!

We wouldn’t recommend this game to play with children of a small age, dew to a needed big vocabulary size.

This is an extra fun game for a small or medium-sized company, that will make you think and laugh at the same time.


  • Great word game with a bit of deduction
  • Stimulates your brain work and adrenaline rush
  • Fun and quick
  • Competitive


  • Not suitable for big parties

5 Second Rule – Best For Loud Parties!

Party board games, if we are talking about big parties, must be fun, loud and involving big amount of people. You can find all those features in the “5 Second Rule” by PlayMonster.

This game becomes even funnier, the more people get involved. You must use your basic knowledge on a variety of topics, hidden on the game cards.

The rules are very simple. The random card with a topic is picked, and you have only 5 seconds to name 3 theme-related things. Seems easy? Well, not so much, when you have a cheering crowd, boiling adrenalin and only 5 seconds to go, until the marbles in the timer go down with a loud and funny sound. Moreover, you never know what topic will you get. Dog breeds? Olympic cities? Things you dip in Ketchup? Anything is possible with this game!

The game includes 576 Questions on 288 Cards, 5-Second Twisted Marble Timer and Rules.

Average gameplay time is approximately 20-30 minutes, but we are sure, that with all that thrill of the competition, you will forget about the time.

The age labeled on the box says 10+, but we can see occasions, when the questions in the game can be too advanced for even teenagers.

5 Second Rule is a cool portable game. You can take it anywhere and play with the crowd. Try your best to keep up!


  • Very thrilling
  • Quick gameplay
  • Involves a lot of people
  • Makes you remember things, you didn’t even know you’ve acknowledged


  • Can be hard and tongue-twisting

Buyer’s Guide: How To Pick The Perfect Board Game For Your Party?

Nowadays we have all kinds of Board Games. Arcade, quest, competitive, teamwork games and many others. Games for any taste and budget.

With all that variety, how to pick the best one? Of course, you can try them all out, eventually, but what if you need a good one right now?

Let us point out some tips on how to choose a perfect Board Game, if you are having a party and want to make it even more entertaining.

Consider the amount of players

Each Board Game has a player limit, that specifies the minimum and maximum amount of players, that can be involved in the gaming process.

For crowded parties with undefined amount of game participants, the better option would be a team Game or a Board Game with a crazy amount of tasks/cards, like “WTF Did You Say?!?” or any type of “Alias”.

If you are expecting a cozy evening with your friends or a family pizza night, a fun game for 4-8 people can be just right. For such occasion you might want to try out games with unusual tasks, like singing or dancing, to shake up your night.

Search for short average game time

Some Board Games can take hours to play in. But that could be too much for a party night. Instead, look for the games with average game time, approximately 20-30 minutes for the game round. This can help you to involve more guests into the game and not to get bored.

Try out word and vocabulary games

Of course, we always have such options like Twister or Jenga, but we offer you to pay attention to games, that can involve thinking and brain work, as they can become extremely competitive and thrilling.


Market now is full of cool Board Games to spent your time with. Consult your friends and take into account all tips from our Buyer’s Guide, and your game party night will definitely be awesome!